Down Hole Core Tooling

Apex DHT is designed to increase productivity, lower costs, and ensure core recovery. Whether deep hole drilling, drilling through adverse or abrasive ground, or looking for more efficiency, our complete line of downhole core tooling will give you a competitive advantage.

Apex downhole wireline tooling reduces nonproductive time (NPT) while minimizing risk and problems associated with diamond core exploration drilling. In addition to mis-latches, part failures, and stuck tubes, Apex latch head assemblies can also help you eliminate the risk associated with core handling for improved drill site safety.

Apex offers everything needed for all your downhole Core drilling needs,

  • Core Barrels
  • Overshot
  • Adaptor Couplings
  • Core lifter Assembly
  • Head Assembly

Our Latch Head assembly and parts continue to build on Apex’s legacy of innovative drilling technology and offer precise compatibility with many other down hole assemblies.


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Down Hole Core Tooling


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