Diamond Core Drill Bits

Apex selection of Diamond Core drill bits achieves maximum speed and efficiency to lower your drilling cost.

When you choose Apex core drill bits, you get the right bit for the right application, so you can stay in the hole longer with fewer trips, at a lower cost-per-foot. Our team has been engineering our bit technology successfully for years and are confident that no other diamond core drill bit manufacturer can match our performance and field expertise.


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Apex custom bit matrices and crown profile's gives drillers exceptional penetration rates and extended service life in the toughest drilling conditions. The latest results of Apex testing against the competition have proven exceptionally well for Apex through the entire range of medium to hard formations.

We continuously search for new ways to help you drill deeper and faster. Our diamond core bit technology innovations are based on extensive research, expert input from field teams, software modeling, and proprietary field-testing methods. Collaboratively working with you to define your field-specific challenges and quickly identify the right diamond core bit for every job.


Diamond Core Drill Bits


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